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Student Showcase

"I used to struggle with the fact that my voice didn’t sound as perfect as other professional singers, but I’ve come to realize that every voice is unique and mine is just as special. I believe my strengths as a singer would be my vibrato and my story-telling when I sing. I can easily change the emotion and impact that goes into a song. 


Working with James has helped me become more confident in my voice. He’s pushed me to really dig deep into my vocal identity and make small decisions that could make a positive impact in my voice. His happy energy and reassurance helps keep a positive attitude when it comes to achieving my goals."

-Amy R.

"I love the tone and agility of my voice. While taking singing lessons with James Bavolacco, I've learned how to fix my vocal troubles easily and have found it easier to apply what I’ve learned from him over time with 1:1 sessions.


I’ve also started to notice the positive things about my voice, like the tone and agility. Working with James Bavolacco helped me realize my vocal strengths and how to highlight those even more while also fixing issues I may have. I’ve had an overall positive experience working with him."

-Ja'Dori P.

"I started taking voice lessons with James, recently, when my friend introduced me to him. I liked my voice, but I wanted a second opinion from a professional. I realized that I was seeing progress in my singing when I could sing higher notes than ever in my recordings easily.

James does a great job meeting me where I'm at and following my pace. I'm a stubborn learner, so new things take more time for me. I'm becoming a better songwriter and I can build so many cool harmonies now. James is very patient with me and his kindness and humor make lessons so much fun. I never feel judged. He's always got my back. Listen to my original demo of The Sleepers by clicking the video"

-Rachel A.


"Vocal lessons with James was very helpful for me. They're good for someone learning to sing for the first time. James made the lessons fun. I was nervous to sing in front of someone, but James helped me find on-the-spot improvements with my voice."

-Isiah M.

"I had a great time working with James. He is very encouraging and patient, helping me be more confident in my singing voice. He also showed me some easy singing techniques that made singing easier for me."

-Marisol G.

"James explains the voice in a way that is easy to understand and apply. The exercises felt good to sing."

-Jasmine R.

Performance Library

I Will Never Be The Same Again

A Whole New World

Praise You In The Storm
(Casting Crowns)

Psalm 42
(Tori Kelly)

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