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Vocal Freedom
for Singers


A 16-Week Vocal Training program
for singers who want to sing the
songs they love confidently.

What if...

  • What if you could sing any song with ease…

  • What if you were able to have full control over your voice and sing freely…

  • What if you had a voice that you could trust all the time…

...without worrying about voice cracks, tightness, or vocal fatigue?

Here's the problem...

This is WHY most singers don’t like the sound of their voice…


  • They spend so much time trying to replicate the sounds of other singers.


  • Sometimes they are able to create specific sounds that they hear, but they struggle to maintain these sounds in a consistent way.


  • Singing for these people becomes hard because they’re working against the natural biology of their own voice.


This takes all the joy out of singing and makes it HARDER to sing well. Singing shouldn't be this hard... and it doesn't have to be!


My name is James Bavolacco!

Hi! I'm James, and I founded Vocal Freedom for Singers because I want every singer to sing the songs that they love confidently and with ease. When I was studying voice in college, I felt so restricted with my voice. It felt like there was a “right way” and a “wrong way” to sing. No matter how much I practiced or how hard I worked, I was never happy with the way my voice sounded. 


After walking away from a degree in vocal performance, I decided to take a different approach to singing and teaching. By embracing what makes the voice unique, I've created a teaching method that focuses on a singer’s strengths and works with the vocal instrument.


Through this method, I was able to book more performance gigs, share more singing videos online and feel more confident in my voice. That’s when I learned the secret of singing– Vocal freedom is about so much more than having great technique. It’s about trusting your voice enough to stop obsessing and start expressing.

With this in mind, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology to aspiring singers and it has helped my students sing the songs they love confidently. That is how "Vocal Freedom for Singers" was born!


Let's chat about
Vocal Freedom for Singers

  • You love to sing... duh!


  • You struggle to sing your favorite songs because they’re too hard.


  • You want to record singing videos that you love.


  • You’re tired of comparing your voice to other singers and want to create a unique voice that people can obsess over.

  • You want singing to be easy and fun!

Vocal Freedom
is for you if...

Vocal Freedom
is NOT for you if...

  • You don’t want to practice or put in the work outside of voice lessons.

  • You're not willing to be coachable and have an open mind.

  • You don’t want to take advantage to all the resources and community VF provides.

  • You’re not ready to upgrade your mindset, your artistry and your voice.⁣

Here's why Vocal Freedom for Singers is different from traditional voice lessons...

Traditional voice lessons are typically focused on vocal technique.

As result of that, there are many aspects of singing that are overlooked.

Mindset, performance, artistry... just to name a few.

With Vocal Freedom for Singers, you'll be given support through all of that PLUS practical and mental strategies to have better control over your voice.

Here's what makes me different...

  • I teach you both practical and mental strategies to better control your voice.

  • I’ve studied, performed and taught multiple genres of music.

  • I am certified as an evidence-based voice teacher and have a degree in Music.

  • ​I support you with calls every week, as well as unlimited daily support.

  • I am 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the material.

  • Most teachers focus extensively on technique, but fail to acknowledge how the brain affects your voice. ​I’ll teach you how to develop your voice AND mindset to overcome your mental blocks and sing easier.

  • It is my mission to help aspiring professional singers find their unique voice and sing in a reliable, sustainable way.

How Vocal Freedom for Singers works...

What makes singing so hard for most people is that they’ve developed bad habits, routines and beliefs that don’t serve them. These things cause vocal tension, and fatigue, while keeping you from achieving your vocal goals. Right from the start, we will address these behaviors from an objective point-of-view and create a personalized, evidence-based coaching plan to prepare you for singing success.

Step One: Unlearning The Past

We explore your voice by going back to basics. By creating sounds with a speech-like quality, we are able to build a foundation for your voice. This is what we call your chest voice. When you have a strong, consistent chest voice, you’re able to belt with power and ease.

Step Two: Building a Foundation

The majority of singers strain when singing the notes higher in their range. This will leave them feeling sore, tired and uninspired. In this phase, we’ll learn how to sing higher notes without straining, pushing or reaching for them.

Step Three: Easy High Notes

You'll learn how to blend different vocal registers (sections of your voice) together to have a connected voice. You’ll start to sing those higher notes with more power and have more options with your voice.

Step Four: Training Your Mixed Voice

In this stage, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned so far and focus on creating your unique vocal identity. You’ll craft a voice that you’re proud of and find trust in your instrument. By now, you’ll be more than ready to share your voice with the world and be the superstar you were meant to be. Singing will be more fun than ever, you superstar.

Step Five: Superstar Mode

Student Results and Videos

"I used to struggle with the fact that my voice didn’t sound as perfect as other professional singers, but I’ve come to realize that every voice is unique and mine is just as special. I believe my strengths as a singer would be my vibrato and my story-telling when I sing. I can easily change the emotion and impact that goes into a song. 


Working with James has helped me become more confident in my voice. He’s pushed me to really dig deep into my vocal identity and make small decisions that could make a positive impact in my voice. His happy energy and reassurance helps keep a positive attitude when it comes to achieving my goals."

-Amy R.

"I love the tone and agility of my voice. While taking singing lessons with James Bavolacco, I've learned how to fix my vocal troubles easily and have found it easier to apply what I’ve learned from him over time with 1:1 sessions.


I’ve also started to notice the positive things about my voice, like the tone and agility. Working with James Bavolacco helped me realize my vocal strengths and how to highlight those even more while also fixing issues I may have. I’ve had an overall positive experience working with him."

-Ja'Dori P.

"I started taking voice lessons with James, recently, when my friend introduced me to him. I liked my voice, but I wanted a second opinion from a professional. I realized that I was seeing progress in my singing when I could sing higher notes than ever in my recordings easily.

James does a great job meeting me where I'm at and following my pace. I'm a stubborn learner, so new things take more time for me. I'm becoming a better songwriter and I can build so many cool harmonies now. James is very patient with me and his kindness and humor make lessons so much fun. I never feel judged. He's always got my back. Listen to my original demo of The Sleepers by clicking the video"

-Rachel A.


"Vocal lessons with James was very helpful for me. They're good for someone learning to sing for the first time. James made the lessons fun. I was nervous to sing in front of someone, but James helped me find on-the-spot improvements with my voice."

-Isiah M.

"I had a great time working with James. He is very encouraging and patient, helping me be more confident in my singing voice. He also showed me some easy singing techniques that made singing easier for me."

-Marisol G.

"James explains the voice in a way that is easy to understand and apply. The exercises felt good to sing."

-Jasmine R.

Vocal Freedom for Singers is a 16-Week intensive designed to help you trust your voice and sing more freely.

​You will receive:

  • 120 days of high-touch support

  • Weekly Zoom calls

  • Sunday-Friday unlimited support

  • Access to a supportive community

Are you ready to have fun singing confidently?

This program is application based to ensure that we're a good fit together.

Want to work together? Click the button below to apply for Vocal Freedom for Singers.


After completing the application, 1 of 2 things will happen: You’ll either be a perfect fit, and I will extend an invitation to work with me as one of my clients... 


Or, if it's not a good fit, that’s totally okay too. There won’t be any hard feelings and NO obligations on your part — I will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals, and point you in the right direction.


Let’s do this!

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