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Self-Tapes Made SIMPLE!

Feeling STUCK with your Self-tapes?

Here's THREE easy methods to having a successful self-tape session! [SAVE]

Everyday, more and more casting directors are asking for you to self-tapes when they send out casting calls.  These self tapes may be your ONLY chance to show the casting director what you're capable of. Don't waste this opportunity! 😎

1. Make sure you're camera (or phone) is recording in Landscape mode AKA Horizontal. The way you film your self-tapes is VERY important. Make sure the shot is also well lit and that the background isn't distracting!

2. Make clear, intentional acting choices based in the text. There are NO WRONG ANSWERS, just UNCLEAR ones! Be BOLD and have FUN with it!

3. Set a specific time limit (or number of takes) BEFORE you start filming. This will prevent you from making decisions out of perfectionism and obsessing over the little things.

4. BONUS tip: Make sure this tape represents your personality and identity as an artist. Remember: They're casting the people that they WANT to work with!

If you're looking to SLAY your Self-Tapes (and your other performances), you might be a great fit for Own Your Voice. Own Your Voice is a group vocal and performance coaching program for Musical Theatre singers!

In the new year, I’m excited to add a monthly Self-tape Submission Session where members share their self-tapes and get individualized feedback and support! 🎉

For more information about Own Your Voice, DM me on Instagram (@JamesBavolacco) or check out our pricing page:

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