• James Bavolacco

Start 2022 RIGHT.

Over 80% of New Years Resolutions DIE.

I can’t say I’m surprised… how many times have YOU forgotten about a New Years Resolution? 😬😳

I think I’ve had the same resolution every year, BUT my motivation seems to disappear a few weeks into the year. Sound familiar? 🤭

The voice is such a complex instrument. If you’re New Year’s Resolution is to become a better singer or performer, I recommend you come up with this easy habits you can implement into your daily or weekly schedule.

For example, enter 2022 with the habit of practicing 3X a week for 15 Minutes. That’s ~40 hours of practicing for the year!!

Having that habit in place will keep you consistent and help you keep track of your vocal progress.

Now, let’s pretend that you don’t create any habits and you set the resolution of being a better singer…

You’ll struggle to take action because you won’t know what to do! 😰😕

Once March rolls around and it’s no longer a “new” year, you’ll completely forget because you haven’t established a routine!

Building strong habits is ESSENTIAL for singers. The best singers have solid routines to keep their voices in good shape.

In the group coaching program I created, Own Your Voice, you’ll learn how to set strong vocal habits. These will help you sing with better technique and consistency! Group classes, workshops, Q&As, and SO MUCH MORE!!

Sign up before the clock strikes New Year and get access to the Bonus Bundle full of vocal goodies, including a 1:1 Q&A session with me! ⏱

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