• James Bavolacco

The Secret to NAILING Riffs & Runs

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Riffing and running is one of the most impressive tools a vocalist can utilize to make a song their own. With that being said, it is NOT easy, but it could be!

Here are three fool-proof steps to nailing every riff or run:

  1. Separate each note of the word or phrase. Pay attention to the pitch and the vowel that you’re singing. Thinking about the vowel (rather than the word) will help you build the muscle memory needed to get through the riff!

  2. Slowly sing the vowels. Its very common for singers to slip and slide through the riff. Try to avoid that— sliding will make it harder to sing the pitches accurately. Think of the notes as if they’re steps on the stairs. Each note is separate. If you have to switch registers, plan out which note you were switching on!

  3. Slowly begin to speed up the riff, paying attention to each individual note. Eventually, you will reach the tempo (speed) that’s written!

Best of luck! Happy practicing! 🤗

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