• James Bavolacco

What Should I Look for in A Voice Teacher?

You are looking for a voice teacher (or coach) and you don’t know where to begin? Look no further, here are the top things to look for in a voice teacher.

What type of music do you want to study? You want to make sure that the teacher has the proper training and background in the styles and genres of music that you want to be trained in. For example, if you are looking to be the next big pop star, you wouldn’t find a teacher who only teaches show-tunes or vise-versa.

What is their education? Does this teacher have a solid understanding of the voice and vocal anatomy? Do you care if the teacher went to college to study the voice? How have they continued their education? These are all questions that you should consider looking into before booking a lesson.

What is their personality like? Will you vibe with them—are they nice? You want to maintain a positive relationship with your teacher. Working one-on-one with a voice teacher can be very personal. After all, you are trusting them with your voice. You need to be comfortable to take risks and try new things, while knowing that your teacher will support you every step of the way. (RUN THE OTHER WAY IF THEY DON’T GREET YOU WITH A SMILE LOL)

Will this teacher make time for you? There’s a lot of teachers out there who “clock-out” at the end of the lesson time. Make the effort to find a teacher who can recognize your strengths and puts in the time and work outside of your lesson to plan. Personally, I spend about two hours a week coming up with fun, new exercises and songs for my students to sing. The best teachers can spot what a student is passionate about and center their lessons around it. You should make it a priority that your teacher is as passionate as you are about your vocal journey.

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