• James Bavolacco

Which Social Media App is Best for Singers?

This week’s YouTube training covers:

THREE Factors to consider when choosing a social media platform to promote yourself, your music, and grow a fanbase as an independent artist. (number 3 is shocking)

The Pros & Cons of Instagram

The Pros & Cons of TikTok

The Pros & Cons of YouTube

A FREE PDF to help you figure out which platform works best for YOU.

Y’all— prepare for this training because I 👏🏼DID👏🏼NOT👏🏼HOLD👏🏼BACK👏🏼

It is one of my biggest missions at JBVS to help performing and recording artists train and share their voices with the world!

This YouTube video is EPIC!! 🕺🏻


Go watch this training and comment which social media platform you’re focusing on going forward. 🕺🏻


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