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Stand Out and SHINE!

At James Bavolacco's Voice Studio, we take a contemporary approach to training. All of our programs at JBVS were created to give you the tools, resources, and strategies to develop your unique voice and share it with the world.

*Currently all offerings are available online only*

Own Your Voice (Vocal Membership Program)

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1:1 Vocal Training and Performance Coaching for singer/songwriters, commercial pop singers, and musical theatre performers. Singers in this program will craft their unique vocal identity and take full creative control of their art.

Personal Brand/Social Media Audit

Filming a Music Video

Meet with James Bavolacco for 50 Minutes via Zoom and get direct personalized feedback on your online presence. Receive a customized personal branding and social media audit for one of your social media accounts.

Stand Out and SHINE Online:

The Not-So Independent Artist

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A Six-Week group coaching program centered on creating a strong personal brand on social media. This program is for Independent Artists who are looking to make an impact and grow their fanbase through content creation on social media.

1:1 Artistic Development Coaching

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Are you ready to unlock your fullest potential? Having a 1:1 mentor to help you as an artist will make your life incredibly easier and save you more time for what's really important... your art. 

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