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Skill Building For Singers

A simple approach to vocal training for singers of all skill levels.

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Do you want to...

  • Quickly develop better vocal technique?

  • Sing confidently like a star? 

  • Give show-stopping performances for friends, family, and strangers?

If yes... Skill-Building for Singers is for you!

Here's the secret...

Singing is not about talent.

It's about skills. Skills you will learn in JBVS's Skill-Building for Singers.

Skill-Building for singers teaches you the skills every great singer needs.


December 2022
✨Vibe With Your Voice✨

A vocal-mindset intensive designed to help you fall in love with the sound of your voice by giving you practical strategies and tips.


Classes include:


January 2022
✨Sing: OMG✨

How to give a show-stopping performance that will leave the audience going, "Oh my god! You can sing!"



And more coming soon!


JBVS Skilled Singers Say...

Screen Shot 2022-12-28 at 8.09.00 PM.png
I've started to notice the positive things about my voice.

Ja'dori Pelle, Singer/Songwriter

✨Skill-Building for Singers✨

Skill-Building for Singers is a monthly membership for beginner and intermediate singers (shower singers welcome 👀) who want to develop their skills and sound like a professional.

Includes monthly skill-building lessons on various vocal topics to help you train your voice. Every single month during Skill-Building for Singers, you will discover a new skill to add to your vocal toolbox and have opportunities to coached in a power group coaching session.